Why You Should Buy A New Home

Ease of Maintenance
New homes don’t require as much upkeep as older houses, and are built with low- or no-maintenance materials.

You get a home that feels like your own the day you walk in the door.

Instant Community
New neighborhoods offer chances to get acquainted with others and offer more interaction with neighbors.

Floor Plans for Today’s Lifestyle
The floor plans of new homes are much more in keeping with the way people live today.

Energy Efficiency
New construction techniques, materials, and appliances all work together to dramatically lower utility bills that can save families money on heating and cooling costs.

Appreciation in Value
Virtually all new homes appreciate quickly. Usually the same new home that you moved into could be being built down the street for more than you paid last year.

Old homes often have hazards such as asbestos, lead-based paint, leaking gas lines, or faulty wiring. Plus they may predate current building codes. New homes are built with materials that have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

It’s much simpler and more cost effective to install technology options in a new home than to retrofit an old home.

Warranties and Customer Service
Resale home buyers often purchase a one-year home warranty, which covers appliances and some major systems. New homes come with complete warranties and service.

Lead Time
Purchasing a new home gives you time to sell your own home and do some planning. You can lock in your new home at today’s pricing, secure a mortgage, and in many cases, watch the home prices rise before you move in.

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